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Quality focused music licensing library is currently seeking music in various genres for placements. Having just concluded a blanket deal with a major broadcaster, tracks in all genres are now required. Quality is more important than quantity.

All genres considered. Tracks should have a definite emotional pull. Good edit points, hits, builds and a defined ending.

Both exclusive and non-exclusive music accepted for licensing across different in-house labels. Qualifying composers can also take advantage of their own (free) music library platform on their own website should they wish.

Minimum 10 exclusive tracks must be assigned to qualify for non-exclusive listings. For exclusive tracks, rights revert back to composer after two years if tracks do not meet a minimum use threshold. All tracks will be registered with collection societies.

Please include website URL, bio, credits, etc.

Composer and musicians from all geographical areas will be considered.

Compensation: Exclusive and non-exclusive deals (see above); 50/50 split on up front synch fee plus writer keeps 100% of writers royalty share.


REF – 200820

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