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Music library is immediately seeking production music composers and musicians with experience writing for reality TV and documentaries.

The library has a long list of music placements including major television networks (ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS) and countless cable networks (Discovery, TLC, History, etc.) in the US and internationally.

The library’s extensive collaboration list includes music supervisors of Paramount, New Line Cinema, Blue Sky Films and many others.

Immediately seeking a substantial amount of new music on an on-going basis in the genres of:

Jazz – Cinematic Orchestral – Easy Listening Vocals –  Epic (orchestral, electronic, hybrid) – Family video Game Music – Headlines for TV News – Logos and Jingles – Modern Jazz – Reggae – Rock

Production quality must be top notch and hi leveled. Please only submit a maximum of 5 tracks. You may also include a link to your website or short bio (optional).

Compensation: Non-exclusive deal; 50/50 Split and composer contain all the rights. Exclusive and multi-licensing deals offered after negotiations with the client.

CODE -111119

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