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Full service production music library is seeking music with and without vocals immediately to be placed into their streaming service.

This company is a globally-recognized provider of commercial background music, with over 17,000 clients in over 76 countries in hospitality, retail, travel, fitness, wellness, and other industries.

– Pop Music

– Pop Vocals (contemporary sound and production techniques)

– Dance Pop Vocals (contemporary sound, not like Dance Pop from the 1990s)

– Soft Pop (Mid- to up-tempo Pop and RnB music good for shopping and casual dining)

– Pop Jazz Vocals

– Retail Hot Mix (includes RnB, Pop-Rap, Reggae/Dub, Hip Hop, Dance Pop, and more)

– RnB Pop Vocals (much in-demand from fashion retail chains)

– Hip Pop (i.e. Vocal Hip Hop music with a Pop style)

– Hip Hop Dance, Hip House – Vocal Hip Hop music for fashion retail (chilled), lounge (chilled, semi-chilled), nightclub and dance uses (not so chilled!)


 – Modern Rock

– Modern Rock Vocals (plus Glam Rock is making a small comeback with bands like The Struts)


 – Regional/World Pop

– Euro-Pop Vocals  (experiencing strong growth in Europe in general)

– Contemporary Brit Pop (vocal Pop music from UK artists)

– Italian Pop Vocals – Ideally contemporary production sound with sweet Italian vocals

– Latin Pop Vocals (We are experiencing strong growth in Central America, South America, and Spain)

– Regional vocal music from Latin America, Brazil, and all Asian countries), perfect to augment playlists for clients demanding more local content

– K-Pop, J-Pop, C-Pop


 – EDM

– Glitch Lounge

– Future Soul

– Future Pop




Composers and musicians from all geographical areas will be considered.

Compensation: Non-exclusive deal; The license is perpetual with no takedowns allowed.

Participating in only their in-store/background music service is both non-exclusive and non-perpetual, and takedowns are permitted.


REF – 150120

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